Hi, I am Chenni Wen.

I'm a passionate photographer based in Orange County, California. When I was about 6 years old, I picked up my first disposable camera and took photos of my family. I think that's when I started to tap into the creative in me. Throughout my life, I've always been taking photos with my phone or someone else's camera. Just of things that I find beautiful. It wasn't until few years ago that I decided to pursue a career in photography. I honestly didn't think it was possible. Through hard work, passion, and support; I am able to do what I love now.

Here are some things that I believe in:

A photograph is more than just a smile for the camera. It is about capturing the soul and atmosphere of the moment.

I believe in unique moments and every photo should be treated as so.

I believe in working closely with my client's ideas, inspiration, and style.

Lastly, have fun!

Contact me to chat about your visions and how I can help you create your story. Or just to say hello :)



“Chenni did such a great job making me feel like we were just friends taking photos together. She made me laugh and it became easy to be in front of the camera because of that. She was extremely professional at the same time and really had some great ideas so we didn’t waste any time. Her touch is exactly what you need if you want some fantastic photos and an even better experience.”

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